Clara Siegenthaler 

worked for APART as head of design and product management, where she was responsible for creating all collections and a new brand direction.

Before she was part of the premium brand COMMA as fashion designer and her responsibilities were creating initial design ideas for occasional and business dresses. 

Besides, she manages the family business SIEGENTHALER, where sustainable and handmade leather accessories are being produced in Germany. 

While she worked for the luxury brand RENÉ LEZARD, she became an expert in designing blouses, dresses, suits, leather styles and accessories. 

Within two years, she has passed the various parts of master in custom tailoring and has received the master diploma certificate after she graduated fashion design and pattern making very successfully at one of Germany´s best fashion schools FAHMODA. During her studies she worked with JILL STUART in New York and various German fashion labels.

She has learned that the creative as well as the technical and hand-crafted aspect is profound for an excellent design.